Nebulock Sherlock Pipe

Nebulock Sherlock Pipe, hand blown by the super talented artist Redbone, these unique glass pieces are absolutely stunning. The Nebulock Sherlock line of heady uniques are a must have for any collector. Each one of these pieces are unique in color profile and design. Every Nebulock sherlock is masterfully crafted and features a coilpot zanfirico design, solid & twisty cane horns and unique marbles from opal (Green variant) and implosion designs (Blue variant). Dot and sculpture work along the base of the pieces allows them to stand up proudly on surfaces. 


  • Artist – Redbone
  • Length – 5"
  • Bowl size – 3/4"
  • Features – coilpot design, twisty cane and solid color horns, marbles, sculpture work
  • American hand blown glass
  • Borosilicate
  • Works with – Dry herb
Color: Green