Fumed Zong Style Bong

A crowd favorite for sure! Horny Glass puts in extra effort to make the horn on the necks of these perfect. This bong features a color changing silver and gold fume beaker base and has, of course, the iconic twirly horn on the neck of the water pipe. This sturdy fumed zong style bong is sure to become your favorite as its whimsically fun to toke with. Stamped by Horny Glass.


Fumed Zong Style Bong features:

  • Artist – Horny Glass
  • Height – 10"
  • Joint size – 14mm
  • bowl size - 3/4"
  • Downstem – Glass on glass 
  • Features – color changing beaker base
  • American hand blown glass
  • Water pipe
  • Works with – Dry herb