Bushido Boro "Razor" Flask Dab Rig

These bent neck dab rigs are made with some serious precision. Bushido Boro makes these concentrate rigs with scientific precision, making the mariahs precisely thin but strong. A very sleek design with a sturdy base with a 14mm downstem that can sport a variety of dab accessories from hangers to nails to enjoy your favorite wax with. A very elegant looking and sizable mini rig standing at 8 inches tall. 


*accessories not included*

  • Artist – Bushido Boro
  • Height – 8 inches
  • Joint size – 14mm
  • Downstem – fixed
  • Features – clear glass, scientific glass, mariahs
  • American hand blown glass
  • concentrate rig
  • Works with – concentrates, 14mm male flower bowl