13" Phantom Clear Glass Bubble Bong

One of the flagship lines from Phantom (JP Killman), you KNOW this puppy will serve you will, even if you are ballin' on a budget. This tall boy will test your lung capacity for some mega bong rips that will leave you sitting for a bit. As tall as it is stable, the base on this bong isn't going to let you (or itself) down as it keeps the water pipe sitting high and mighty on any flat surface. Features a grommeted 14mm downstem and 14mm bowl and ice catcher. 


  • Artist – Phantom (JP Killman)
  • Height – 13"
  • Joint size – 14mm
  • bowl size - 3/4"
  • Downstem –  14mm
  • Features – diffused downstem, grommet joint
  • American hand blown glass
  • Water pipe
  • Works with – Dry herb