Toki Pipes Store Updates!

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Welcome to Toki Pipes 2.0!

          It has been an exciting and interesting year for the Toki Team! Covid has been a challenge for the glass community (as well as pretty much everyone else) the past year, but everyone is still doing what they love despite those challenges, and we are all making it through as a community. It takes teamwork to make the dream work, as they say! Now that people are beginning to settle into new routines and things are (slowly) getting back to normal (fingers crossed), glass artists are melting glass and working hard to bring you the best quality hand blown glass pipes and bongs.

          We also have a big announcement: Toki’s prototype phase is now complete, and we are moving into “Toki Pipes 2.0”. We are incredibly excited to release the new updates to the shop. Before we get into all the goodies and info, we would like to thank the glass and cannabis community for being so stoked about our project. It has been an honor to be able to work with everyone who has shown us so much love during the build phase. It is so fulfilling to see the feedback from artists and glass lovers that we get about the concept of Toki Pipes, really it is what keeps us going in this labor of love. It has been excellent to be a part of such a fantastic and positive community who are so passionate.


Featured Artist Representation

          First and foremost, we will be launching our [About The Artist] page that will showcase a featured artist every month and a section for previous featured artists and their work. These artists have earned a spot in Featured for their unique glass ideas and styles. Here we will have artists on any scale, it isn’t a popularity contest or about a price tag. We will equally feature a new up and coming artist who makes glass chillums and basic hand pipes as we will someone who makes intricate super crazy works of glass art that you will find in our Headies Under 1K section.

            We believe that most artists do not get enough credibility or representation for their work, which is why we do what we do. We aren’t just the best online headshop for what we sell (only quality hand made here!), we are the best because we are here to support our glass community and culture. We represent artists for free and that will never change. No one pays us to do it, we do it because we love to do it.

          We are always looking for more artists to join us! It's great to get in touch with and meet new artists that we can support no matter if you are on your 10th one hitter or your 100th super heady multi perc bong with all the extras. If you have a good personality and love to make great glass, we would love to have your work on the site! Get in touch with us! contact us



New Stuff and Things!

          Mushroom pipes are on sale this month! They have been a shop favorite and we know you love em’ so we figured we would commemorate our updates with a giveaway, and we are offering 10% off our Mushroom pipes by Pimpin on Glass. Check out our Instagram for details and dates, you don’t want to miss out on some cool glass!

          We are STOKED to have the new Headies under 1k collection. All the glass in that section are unique glass pieces that are highly worked by an artist and definitely stand out from your standard production smoking accessory. These heady pieces pack a punch, look stunning and are sure to be a collector’s new favorite! We only stock headies under 1k so that we can bring super dank works of art to you at an affordable price without breaking the bank, while still bringing you the best quality pipes, bongs, and dab rigs that our “heartists” make. Get ready for heady drops!

            Along with the ever-evolving new headies collection, we now have a selection of hand blown glass bubblers we are excited to showcase. We have also restocked some of your faves and added a whole bunch of new glass across all the categories. Replacement flower and dry herb bowls are now a thing, grinders are becoming available, and dab tools as well, all under the new accessories category in the shop. We look forward to continuing to add more of the communities’ favorite glass and smoking supplies as we go along!


New Knowledge Base In The Making

          We have added a new knowledge base full of information about glassblowing styles, techniques, and artists. Want to know how your favorite pipe or rig is made? Check out our knowledge base! We have a growing list of techniques and styles in our Glassblowing Techniques and Styles database. The knowledge base also has a host of other informative articles on your favorite glass artists and studios as well as general information on culture, events, and updates!


It’s About You

          Seriously, the overwhelming love and support that we have gotten over the prototype phase has been our single driving force on this massive project. It's so cool to know that people are enjoying the concept of Toki Pipes and the idea around it. Without everyone’s positive vibes, passion, and encouragement, I don’t think Toki would be the same. Which is why we are not your standard online headshop, we are a liaison to an entire community, and we would like to share that community and passion with you.

          I don’t know about other people, but I would rather buy a sturdy batch of one hitters from a new artist in this wonderful community than buy a batch of knock off imports any day. It isn’t just about smoking a bowl (it is too though), it is about community, it is about passion, it is about an entire culture that is the backbone to the cannabis culture and lifestyle.

With lots of love,

          - The Toki Team