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Toki Pipes is an online headshop and your one-stop network into the glass culture and scene. We work closely with artists all over the US to bring you premium glass hand pipes, bongs, dab rigs, bubblers and a lot of other cool stuff like grinders and other smoking accessories.

Why is Toki Pipes the best online headshop? When you shop with Toki Pipes, you know you are getting heady handmade glass by talented artists and are helping support the glass culture and community!

Choosing a Pipe

What pipe is right for you?

A few key terms to know to officailly know your stuff.

Glassblowing Techniques & Styles

Learning about the methods and styles of glassblowers can help you understand the work and love that goes into every pipe and bong we have in store.

Want To Know More?

Visit our Knowledge Base and FAQ page for more How-To's and other information!

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